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Passport Seva

Actions like computerization and decentralization of selection of ticket programs through the PACCs or DPCs or SPCs, starting of new ticket workplaces and changes in Central Passport Company having dropped short of conference e fast growing ticket demand and improved objectives of community, need was sensed for complete renovation of ticket issuance program. To address need, a Objective Method Venture known as Passport Seva Venture (PSP) was determined under the Nationwide e-Governance Strategy. The PSP is designed "to provide Passport-related solutions to the people in an appropriate, clear, more available, efficient manner and in relaxed atmosphere through structured procedures and dedicated, qualified & inspired workforce".

This PSP have been released in Public and Private and Partnership mode through  M/s. Tata Company Services as Assistance Provider. Sovereign as well as fiduciary features such as confirmation, allowing, issuing or revocation or impounding of given have been maintained through MEA. The possession and ideal control of primary resources such as data/information is with Ministry.

Passport Seva allows simple and efficient and clear procedures for distribution of ticket relevant solutions. Apart from developing a across the country networked atmosphere for Govt authorities, it is designed to incorporate with the condition cops for physical confirmation of candidate's specifics and antecedents and with Native indian Publish for distribution of given. Key factors of service modification obtained by PSP are follows:

Increased Network: As prolonged hands of 35 Passport Offices, 75 Passport Seva Kendra (PSKs) and 15 Passport Seva Kendras Laghu (PSLK) are established across nation as a part of the Passport Seva.

Anywhere Anytime Access: Citizens can publish their ticket programs and seek an consultation through the PSP website ( at their comfort. The website provides extensive and latest details on ticket relevant solutions. Citizens can also plan their trip to closest PSK at consultation date/time, thus preventing long lines and difficulty.

State of the Art Technology Infrastructure: Passport Seva has been reinforced by state-of a art technology feature which allows end to end ticket solutions to be provided with increased security much like the best on the globe. The pictures as well as biometrics of candidates are taken when they check out PSK. Their programs and assisting records are scanned and saved in program for further handling.

Improved Amenities:The PSK provides outstanding atmosphere. Services in PSK include helpful books, details kiosks, photocopying, food and drink features, community phone unit, baby care, magazines and publications and television in a relaxed air-conditioned patiently waiting living room. The Electronic Line Management System guarantees the 'first-in and first-out' concept in application handling.

Call Centre & Helpdesk: A multi-lingual contact centre managing in 16  Native indian 'languages' allows people to obtain ticket service relevant details and receive up-dates about their ticket programs, 24 / 7, seven days a week. An e-mail based helpdesk also provides details on ticket solutions.

Integration with Police and India Post:The PSP system joins with State Police across all declares and partnership areas. The candidate's information will be sent digitally for cops confirmation. PSP also provides an interface to Native Indian Publish for monitoring distribution of ticket to people.

The lead project was released in Bangalore as well as in Chandigarh in May year 2010 and Aug year 2010 respectively. After qualifications of the Venture by Standardization, Examining ans Quality Certification, Third Party Review Organization under the Division of Information Technological innovation in Jan year 2011, Passport Seva Venture was eliminated for release across the nation. The Venture is scheduled for achievement during years 2011-12.

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